Global Entrepreneurial Week 2014: unleash the intrapreneur within!

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Global Entrepreneurship Week Singapore 2014
Global Entrepreneurship Week Singapore 2014 – Workshop “Unleash the intrapreneur within” by Patrick Nelissen and The Hub Singapore


Workshop: unleashing the intrapreneur within!

The old question was: How do we get people to serve the organization’s goals? 
The new question is: How do we create a sense and environment, so compelling that
people are willing to bring their greatest gifts to work  every day?

The answer is: “unleash the intrapreneurship within”.


unleash the intrapreneur within
unleash the intrapreneur within



  • Are you wondering about how you can change, innovate or create new products/services?
  • Are you curious about new ways of working?
  • Do you love to share your ideas with others?


Cool! Then you are probably one step away of being the next intrapreneur who can make a big difference.


During the Global Entrepreneurial Week 2014, we’ll do a workshop on November 22nd: “unleash the intrapreneur within”.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why are intrapreneurial skills important & learn to understanding them
  • What is intrapreneurship?
  • Understanding who are intrapreneurs & some business cases
  • How are you going to unleash your intrapreneurial skills?
  • When are you going to use your skills?

Key takeaway:
How to use entrepreneurial skills in your company.

Your takeaways:

  • A comprehensive overview of the best route from idea to product launch
  • How to sell your idea in your company
  • Exploring & creating a roadmap (worksheets)
  • An effective action plan (personal score card)
  • Network with other intrapreneurs in person & LinkedIn Group

If this is something, which intrigues your intrapreneurial mind then come and join us at The Hub Singapore! Sign up by clicking on this link


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The Hub - Singapore
The Hub – Singapore

Workshop – Unleashing The Intrapreneur Within

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Workshop – Unleash The Intrapreneur Within

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