Every need of your customer starts with “why”

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Story telling, sharing stories, sharing pictures, it is al about consumers and their experiences in different situations. Consumers don’t buy products or services anymore, they want to fulfil needs. And that is a complete different way of selling products!

A very helpful way to discover the needs and search of your customers, is to map a “customer journey”. If you succeed in mapping the journey that a consumer makes untill the moment of buying your product (and sharing experiences), you can fulfil the needs and expectations at the right moment.

In my opinion, it starts always with the “why” question. Why does a consumer need a certain product or service? If you can clarify this need, you can advise him and show your experience and willingness to help him.

Before you are going to do this, do a little test and start with yourself. Ask yourself “why do I need A or B?” And write down the answers. If this isn’t clear enough, then ask “why” again. And keep this doing untill you know the right reason.

At that moment, you can look for possibilities to fulfil this need (what). And you can see the process (how). In this proces you can plot your contactpoints (mail, website, personal contact, etc.) to support your potential customer in fullfilling his needs. In the most natural and logic way!

Interested? Take a look at the book of Simon Sinek “it starts with why” and het inspired as well!


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