Social Media is Word of Mouth Marketing. As Simple as That.

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Great post! Very clear and true. Social Media is engagement, conversation, etc. Not only gaining likes and fans. That’s broadcasting!

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Social Media is Modern Day Word of Mouth Marketing

Social media is modern day word of mouth marketing.  It is as simple as that. It is about how business today interact and build strong relationship with their individual customers on social media.

It is not about one to many people, but it is about one to one.

Throw Away Mass Advertising Mindset

Dump Your Mass Advertising Mindset

If your business wants to do well on social media marketing in order to generate better profits and customer loyalty, then you should throw away any ‘inch’ of that mass advertising mindset.

Mass advertising basically is just an one-way communication traffic between the business and the mass consumers. Social media does not work in this manner. It requires the business to build a strong relationship with the individual customers through well-curated content, prompt handling of each customer’s feedback, as well as any little gesture to win the customers’ hearts.

Understanding the Customer is More Important

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