Faced with Negative Feedback? Here’s how to turn it into a positive

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Great article! Must to read!

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A red rubber stamp with the word Feedback to illustrate commentsI recently watched a TED Talk entitled Dare to Disagree . Margaret Heffernan encourages us to seek out opposing points of view to our own and open our mind to what we could learn.

I once had an interesting experience on an assignment. I was in a leadership position and was faced with situation that required an immediate decision—okay, I’ll admit that the word required is a little strong. It wasn’t a crisis, but I didn’t see any reason not to make a decision in the moment. Although I had never encountered this situation before, I made a decision that I thought was within my decision-making authority. Turns out, it wasn’t.

To add insult to an injury I didn’t even know I was inflicting, I acted on that decision. No surprise—I shouldn’t have done that either.

And to make it a true “hat trick,” I went ahead and got a…

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