The Fun of reviews, engaging and sharing!

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Singapore Business Review
On March 12th 2014, Singapore Business Review published a list with “Singapore’s 10 most successful 40 and under hotel managers”.

This a real achievement to be listed as most successful in such this industry. Especially in Singapore where the competition is very hard.

To get a better understanding of why these 10 young managers were rewarded, I looked at their profiles and did a brief Google Search.
And then I found the Facebook page of Grand Hyatt Singapore which is very good!

It starts immediately at the beginning of the page. No boring pictures, no empty fields. What you see is sparkling and very attractive photo’s which invites you to read further on:
facebook page grand hyatt singapore


And with success. Take a look what they achieved (25-03-2014):
– 1.377 Reviews
– Average rate is 4.5 starts
– 758 People are talking about this hotel
– 7.742 People like this hotel.
With these figures you can truly say that they are engaging with their customers in a way that customers wants to like, review and comment on the Facebook page of this hotel.
Let’s take a look at the reviews:
Reviews Grand Hyatt Hotel
They are really positive. The best part is that these reviews aren’t only shown on the Facebookpage of Grand Hyatt, but also on the Facebookpage of their customers! That means that 1.377 reviews * 100 Friends = 13.770 friends of their customers have noticed how good this hotel is. Imagine this impact!
Besides reviews and likes, this hotel publishes requests, actions and promotions to be actual and to get referrals.

An example of how they are doing this:

Promotion Grand Hyatt


Most business owners and managers are hesitating to take the profits of a good Facebook page. That’s a pity because:
– Customers want to engage with you if they are satisfied
– Customers are looking for new promotions
– Customers share content (see impact).

– The business owner gets a lot of information about his organisation
– The business owner has an opportunity to launch new ideas
– The business owner has an opportunity to get referrals.
If you like this, start building your Facebook page now or update it. And as Facebook is still free, it won’t cost you money. It cost you time, but that is “no budget marketing” works. And no budget marketing is affordable for everyone!

Tip: if you are running out of time, please take a look at Tabluu. The easiest online feedback and social referral tool you’ll find! Within 7 minutes you are online! For examples take a look at: Tabluu engage.


Good luck with starting reviewing, sharing and engaging!



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