5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Do Every Month

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David Cummings on Startups

Over time, I’ve found that having a rhythm and process actually makes things easier. Similar to the old adage that it’s important to set aside aside time for thinking and personal reflecting, I also believe it’s important to set aside time to work on the business.

Here are five things entrepreneurs should do every month:

  1. Review and update the Simplified One Page Strategic Plan
  2. Walk through the key metrics in the SaaS Metrics dashboard
  3. Facilitate a monthly strategic dinner or meeting with the senior team (most important once the startup has at least 15 people)
  4. Meet with one advisor or mentor and walk through the most important issues at hand
  5. Attend an EO/YPO forum with a group of like-minded peers

Entrepreneurs would do well to find a monthly rhythm that empowers more strategic thinking and analysis. After running the process for several months it’ll begin to feel like…

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