LinkedIn names company that used bots to steal profiles for competing Recruiter service

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In January, LinkedIn(s lnkd) filed a lawsuit that accused unnamed “John Does” of creating fake profiles in order to “connect” with real LinkedIn users and siphon their professional profiles. Now, the company has identified who is controlling the bots and, unsurprisingly, it turns out to be a would-be competitor.

In an amended complaint filed last week in San Francisco, LinkedIn named a start-up called HiringSolved as well as its founder Shon Burton, who was recently profiled in the career advice section of Business Insider.

LinkedIn said it identified Burton by collecting the IP addresses associated with the bots tied to the fake profiles. LinkedIn then traced those IP addresses to a “well-known cloud computing platform,” whose billing records tied them to Burton’s residence in San Francisco.

LinkedIn is now seeking damages and an injunction against Burton and HiringSolved, which reportedly charges subscribers $199 to $799 to access its data. LinkedIn claims the use of bots to scrape its site amounts to a breach…

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