Intern Selection Process – Article One – SEO

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Why don’t you give it a try? Unfortunately I am not experienced enough…

Don Charisma

Search Engine Optimisation is the process whereby a website owner or webmaster makes his website more accessible and organised so that internet search engines find it easier to index and serve his(/her) pages to searchers. SEO has been adapted and added to, in layman’s terms these days it means pretty much the same thing as “Promoting”.

The first article for the selection process is on SEO. Intern applicants you have 48 hours to write the article :

Title : “How Google Search Really Works”

Length : 500 – 2000 words

Images : 1 image/infographic IF you feel it would add to your writing

Start Time : 27-Apr-2014 00:01 GMT (midnight) – please check your timezone

End Time : 29-Apr-2014 00:01 GMT (midnight)

Notes :

  1. You may change the title, but please give an explanation on why you’ve changed the title. It may be that you think that search engines will prefer one…

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