Made to stick 6: why don’t you ask me WHY?

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Why question
Why don’t you ask me WHY?


Every week I’ll post an easy to use and “no budget” tip to improve business. My challenge is to get my message clear in 30 seconds reading time. Please let me know if I succeeded in this!

Nowadays a lot of companies try to acquire new customers by providing free whitepapers, free subscriptions, trial periods and money back guarantees. All these “gifts” followed up by attractive emails to convince me to buy their product or service.

The reason why I almost never respond to these emails is that these companies try to convince me by selling success stories and telling about the fabulous features they have.

This weekend I was thinking about these efforts and I was wondering about the success rate. I guess this rate can never be so high. But I am afraid that I’ll never know the real success rate…
To increase this success rate, I’ll give them an advice: don’t sell but ask!

If these companies would ask me “why don’t you respond?”, it will be very likely that I’ll respond to them. Especially if we can chat about my real problem and if we can find a solution to solve this problem. Then I would buy their product or service!
Is this hard to achieve? No! You only need a good template and an email campaign manager program with proper statistic to track the non-responders.

When do you start asking WHY? I wish you a lot of happy customers!


PS Do you want to know more about the importance of the WHY-question? Take a look at the website “Start with why” from Simon Sinek.

Inspiring Video from Simon Sinek @TED talks: How great leaders inspire action | Talk Video |

PPS And if you want to ask “why” while you are meeting a customer, take a look at the website: (the easiest way to get feedback & social engagement)


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