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Why is customer experience & product leadership for Razer games so important?

During Start Up Asia 2014 in Singapore Ming-Liang Tan (founder and CEO of Razer) talked about his company Razer (for gamers – by gamers). Razer develops games, hardware and accessories and is the worlds’ leading gaming brand in the world. Razer was founded in 1989 in San Diegio and has 9 offices worldwide.

As a co-founder of startup Tabluu which has just launched an online feedback and social referral tool, I was very curious if Ming-Liang Tan would unfold some secrets of Razors’ success to his audience.

Ming-Liang Tan started immediately with the advantages of developing software:
– Low capital, high expenditure
– Open source possibilities
– Scalable server capacity when hosted in the cloud
– Time spend on smartphones grows enormously
– Software has extremely high margins.

But this isn’t enough to become worlds’ number 1 in the gaming industry. Razer focuses on 2 strategies and executes them with more than 100%:
– Building the best hardware and software products a gamer can buy
– Using a high premium pricing model for maximum investment in R&D for the best product development a gamer can wish.

And after having explained the industry advantages and strategy of Razer, Ming-Liang Tan unfolded the 3 core values on which Razer is build:
1. Mindset: everyone is a team member. Employees, suppliers and customers. Only teams can build the best products!
2. Focus: figure out what not to do. Don’t start something because of starting something. Step back and keep extremely high focused.
3. It’s all about the gamer and his experience: Razer develops, hardware and accessories as well. This fits perfect in their strategy of product leadership.

With these 3 core values, Razer creates the ultimate brand awareness which can be demonstrated by pictures of gamers who wear Razer tattoos:

Razer tattoo
Customers wearing Razer logo’s

How many brands have customers who wear their logo? It’s the ultimate customer loyalty!


Razer has a very high standard and listens always to their customers. Customers engage, communicate and anticipate in everything what Razer does.

By creating super products which exceed customers’ expectations, Razer achieved a number 1 position in the gaming world.

In my opinion the best part of this story is that every company can become a leader. By listening to their customers and keeping highly focused on 1 strategy (product leadership, operational excellence or customer intimacy), every company can set a new standard in their industry. And increase their lead over the competition!
Patrick Nelissen, co-founder of Tabluu. The easiest feedback & social referral tool for business owners!


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