Google cheated ad partners, says lawsuit, but case points to dirty tricks campaign

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Someone claiming to be an ex-Google employee suggested in April that the company conspires to steal revenues from its partners who host Google-provided ads on their websites. Now, a prominent Seattle-based lawyer who used to work for Microsoft(s msft) is using those accusations as the basis for a nationwide class action lawsuit against Google(s goog).

If you think there may be something rotten in Denmark (or Seattle), you’re probably right. The new lawsuit over ads, along with another improbable class action filed against Google last month, suggests that someone is running what amounts to a legal smear campaign.

A conspiracy within a conspiracy

First, some details about the new lawsuit: On Tuesday, a company called Re-Post filed a class action complaint (embedded below) in San Francisco on behalf of other websites that are allegedly getting shortchanged by Google. According to Re-Post, which provides licensed news content to other websites, Google abruptly closed its AdSense account in March of 2014, keeping around $11,000 owed to Re-Post.

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