Made to stick 7: when do you start social sharing retailer?

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Social sharing retailers


This evening I was going through some studies and I found a survey about social sharing and retailers published in 2012 from Sociable Labs.

Because I was curious, I started reading and I found following:

  • Retailers will increase their benefits from social sharing by displaying socially shared content directly on their ecommerce sites
  • Offering an option to share “on-site only” will remove a major inhibitor for many consumers to share, which also provides confidence-building social proofing content for new visitors
  • Retailers will increase referral visits from social sharing by making it simple for consumers to share product discounts/deals with their friends
  • Retailers will further increase referral visits by encouraging consumers to share the reasons they decided to purchase that product. Combining these reasons with deals will increase shopper referral visits significantly


Fact: we are 2 years later and according to various LinkedIn Retail Groups and studies, retailers are still wondering HOW they can get benefits from social media.

Come on guys! I wrote in 2012 a thesis about the possibilities of a retail platform. Collaboration between retailers and consumers in an online world. At Startup Asia Singapore 2014 I attended a pitch from Bindo, they got a similar retail platform live this year. There are plenty of similar affordable possibilities.

So what’s next excuse? More papers? More surveys? More discussions? No time?

No, no, no! Just start sharing, trying, experiencing with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in your store and on your website. Take photos from customers, ask for their recommendations and place laptops or iPads in your store to facilitate online searching and sharing.

Because if you don’t facilitate your potential customers when they are around you, they’ll continue their search and share somewhere else. Big chance that you lost a customer!

My advice: take a look at what you’ve done yet and take your next step to start social sharing. For example: add a Twitter stream on your website and engage with your followers. You’ll see it’s fun to share & engage!

So: when do you start social sharing retailer?

I wish you a lot of happy customers!

Questions? Remarks? Comments? Please leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you!


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