FreshBiz Game

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Rewind and expand your entrepreneurship. FreshBiz created a great game and a book. Download free chapter.

What is winning in life and business? Discover a new and more profitable way by playing FresBiz Game! Changing the way you play live!

Mission: Solving the world’s greatest problem*, by elevating the universal mindset,one game at a time!

*Each time someone plays the FreshBiz game, he or she is rewiring their brain to a mindset that is more:

  • collaborative
  • open
  • creative
  • daring.

This creates a long lasting and real effect across the many dimensions of business and life. ?Yes, it is ‘just’ a game, but isn’t everything?

Playing The Game

Going through different sections across the board on the way to getting to The New Island, you get to start businesses form collaborations and leverage opportunities… to name a few. In 90 minutes or less, while going through a fun engaging experience, you will redefine what winning looks like and question some of your basic beliefs about life and business.


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