Patrick Nelissen Some of my qualifications:

  • Solid background in Marketing and Communications.
  • In depth knowledge and working experience in change management, team development and marketing strategy.
  • Commercial Director of a top 3 financial service organisation in The Netherlands. Responsible for Marketing & Communication (including PR en PA).
  • Award winning marketing & communication campaigns. In 2010 achieved the Dutch Financial Marketing Awards and “De Gouden Spreekbuis”.
  • Expertise of starting a business consultancy organisation in 2012.
  • Experience in improving marketing and communication of an existing consultancy organisation. This resulted in a successful Business Intelligence Event for the Dutch BI Awards 2012.

Some personal key points:

  • Strong in handling multiple tasks and multifaced situations while maintaining satisfactory relationship with stakeholders, employees and consumers.
  • An outcome oriented self starter with superior organisational and administrative skills.
  • Expert in alignment of strategy – vision – mission – setting clear goals for an excellent execution in high competitive markets.
  • Excellent leadership skills, with experience mentoring coworkers and consultants.
  • A Master’s degree in Business Administration.

I would like to hear from you!


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