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Made to stick 7: when do you start social sharing retailer?

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Social sharing retailers


This evening I was going through some studies and I found a survey about social sharing and retailers published in 2012 from Sociable Labs.

Because I was curious, I started reading and I found following:

  • Retailers will increase their benefits from social sharing by displaying socially shared content directly on their ecommerce sites
  • Offering an option to share “on-site only” will remove a major inhibitor for many consumers to share, which also provides confidence-building social proofing content for new visitors
  • Retailers will increase referral visits from social sharing by making it simple for consumers to share product discounts/deals with their friends
  • Retailers will further increase referral visits by encouraging consumers to share the reasons they decided to purchase that product. Combining these reasons with deals will increase shopper referral visits significantly


Fact: we are 2 years later and according to various LinkedIn Retail Groups and studies, retailers are still wondering HOW they can get benefits from social media.

Come on guys! I wrote in 2012 a thesis about the possibilities of a retail platform. Collaboration between retailers and consumers in an online world. At Startup Asia Singapore 2014 I attended a pitch from Bindo, they got a similar retail platform live this year. There are plenty of similar affordable possibilities.

So what’s next excuse? More papers? More surveys? More discussions? No time?

No, no, no! Just start sharing, trying, experiencing with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in your store and on your website. Take photos from customers, ask for their recommendations and place laptops or iPads in your store to facilitate online searching and sharing.

Because if you don’t facilitate your potential customers when they are around you, they’ll continue their search and share somewhere else. Big chance that you lost a customer!

My advice: take a look at what you’ve done yet and take your next step to start social sharing. For example: add a Twitter stream on your website and engage with your followers. You’ll see it’s fun to share & engage!

So: when do you start social sharing retailer?

I wish you a lot of happy customers!

Questions? Remarks? Comments? Please leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you!


Google cheated ad partners, says lawsuit, but case points to dirty tricks campaign

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These articles are always interesting!


Someone claiming to be an ex-Google employee suggested in April that the company conspires to steal revenues from its partners who host Google-provided ads on their websites. Now, a prominent Seattle-based lawyer who used to work for Microsoft(s msft) is using those accusations as the basis for a nationwide class action lawsuit against Google(s goog).

If you think there may be something rotten in Denmark (or Seattle), you’re probably right. The new lawsuit over ads, along with another improbable class action filed against Google last month, suggests that someone is running what amounts to a legal smear campaign.

A conspiracy within a conspiracy

First, some details about the new lawsuit: On Tuesday, a company called Re-Post filed a class action complaint (embedded below) in San Francisco on behalf of other websites that are allegedly getting shortchanged by Google. According to Re-Post, which provides licensed news content to other websites, Google abruptly closed its AdSense account in March of 2014, keeping around $11,000 owed to Re-Post.

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Made to stick 5: Refferals, why is it so difficult?

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How to get referrals and recommendations?


Every week I’ll post an easy to use and “no budget” tip to improve business. My challenge is to get my message clear in 30 seconds reading time. Please let me know if I succeeded in this!

I am really wondering why business owners don’t ask to recommend their service or product.

Let’s face the facts:
– According to Forrester 80% of the business is based upon returning customers and recommendations;
– According to Forrester a returning customer spend 5-8x more than a new customer;
– According to Retail Dive* Millenialls like to get feedback from their friends what they take into consideration when shopping next time;
– And according to Retail Dive* Female teenagers still like shopping in a store instead of shopping on the internet.

If you take these 4 facts into consideration, why are business owners so passive?

The facts are clear and it’s unbelievable why business owners don’t ask for recommendations to get referrals!
Instead of discounts and promotions to attract new customers, business owners should invest in their existing customers and try to stimulate them to recommend. 80%… 5-8x more spending… How more attractive should these figures have to be before a business owners gets active?

When do you start asking for recommendations? I wish you many returning customers who like to recommend you!

PS Interested in referrals & social media? Take a look at A Singaporean startup who developed an online referral and social media engagement tool.

PPS More inspiration? Take a look at these video animations:

*Based on survey from

The secret to viral video marketing

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Turkish Airline? Volvo? One dollar shave club? Read what makes them top 3 Viral Videos 2013.

Golden principles to remember in the age of social media networking

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A few golden principles to remember in the age of social media networking:

1. Everybody advertises changes – “How do you like my like my new hairdo?”
2. Anything new and novel is posted to Facebook (that’s why you take photos of food, don’t you?)
3. Feedback is expected from friends (as in comments & likes…)

Dive a bit deeper into this topic and find out how Tabluu take advantanges of all these rules:

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Made to stick 4: within 1 minute Apple’s wow strategy is gone

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Every week I’ll post an easy to use and “no budget” tip to improve business. My challenge is to get my message clear in 30 seconds reading time. Please let me know if I succeeded in this!

Wow factor for customers
Wow factor









Over the last 10 years, I’ve been an enthusiastic user of Apple products. Their ecosystem offers me easy to use devices and applications, which saves me time and money.

I read a lot about Apple to learn about their strategy and execution of their business. Especially the “wow” factor is something which I really like. Every customer is supposed to have a feeling of “wow” when experiencing Apple.

But wow can also be a negative wow! And I am sure that Apple knows this, but they doesn’t seem to take care of.

This week I had a negative wow experience. After messages on my iPhone that “a cable isn’t supported”, my iPhone decided that it won’t charge anymore!

Unfortunately I discovered this when my battery was 20% charged and I had immediately to decide what to do. My choice was backing up and after backing up, 8% was left.

Next day I went to Singtel, which is the reseller of my iPhone. They couldn’t help me and sent the iPhone to Apple for research.

As I need a phone, I asked for a spare one, which they don’t offer. The option they gave, was to deposit S$ 831 for a new iPhone. This deposit is required to ensure that if Apple decides that my iPhone cannot repaired anymore, they get paid for this new iPhone.

But, I already paid for an iPhone as this is included in my subscription! And as Apple will not return my old iPhone, there is a chance that I have to pay twice for 1 iPhone. WOW!

Using Apple’s ecosystem has its’ advantages. But with my latest experience, I have a very bad feeling as you are locked in.

Summary: I fully understand that they want to get paid for a device, but it’s not acceptable that my problem (which turned out to be a general problem*) is kept secret by Apple. Give me any background of the problem and ensure that I leave the shop with a positive wow effect. Even if it’s a reseller. Apple should take more care about resellers as they take a major part in negative (shared!) reviews.

Advice: Apple should take care about the resellers’ customers and oblige resellers to use a feedback system. Only then they can control the wow effect of every customer and turn negative experience into a positive experience. Wow will be wow again as it’s supposed to be!


*I joined an Apple forum discussion regarding this problem and noticed that this is a general problem. ( These are the first reactions on my post:

Apple Forum Discussion
Apple forum discussion