Global Entrepreneurial Week 2014: unleash the intrapreneur within!

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Global Entrepreneurship Week Singapore 2014
Global Entrepreneurship Week Singapore 2014 – Workshop “Unleash the intrapreneur within” by Patrick Nelissen and The Hub Singapore


Workshop: unleashing the intrapreneur within!

The old question was: How do we get people to serve the organization’s goals? 
The new question is: How do we create a sense and environment, so compelling that
people are willing to bring their greatest gifts to work  every day?

The answer is: “unleash the intrapreneurship within”.


unleash the intrapreneur within
unleash the intrapreneur within



  • Are you wondering about how you can change, innovate or create new products/services?
  • Are you curious about new ways of working?
  • Do you love to share your ideas with others?


Cool! Then you are probably one step away of being the next intrapreneur who can make a big difference.


During the Global Entrepreneurial Week 2014, we’ll do a workshop on November 22nd: “unleash the intrapreneur within”.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why are intrapreneurial skills important & learn to understanding them
  • What is intrapreneurship?
  • Understanding who are intrapreneurs & some business cases
  • How are you going to unleash your intrapreneurial skills?
  • When are you going to use your skills?

Key takeaway:
How to use entrepreneurial skills in your company.

Your takeaways:

  • A comprehensive overview of the best route from idea to product launch
  • How to sell your idea in your company
  • Exploring & creating a roadmap (worksheets)
  • An effective action plan (personal score card)
  • Network with other intrapreneurs in person & LinkedIn Group

If this is something, which intrigues your intrapreneurial mind then come and join us at The Hub Singapore! Sign up by clicking on this link


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The Hub - Singapore
The Hub – Singapore

Start Ups 2014: Generation of Entrepreneurs Without a Business Plan?

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Business Plan
Business Plan? Strategy? Product development plan? Financial plan?



I was invited for “The Hot Seat Sessions” at The Hub in Singapore this month.

Members of The Hub can book a time slot to talk about challenges/problems they are facing:

In The Hot Seat with Patrick Nelissen

Get your one-on-one consultancy with experts in specific fields (eg. mobile, social media, branding, funding, etc.) to answer the challenges/problems you are currently facing. Book your time with Patrick, specialist in: marketing, sales, business development, business improvement and entrepreneurship

Every month, experts from The Hub community jump into the hot seat, and are available exclusively for members of The Hub weekly for two hours.
This July, join Patrick Nelissen in the Hot Seat for some sage advice!

Most of the members are start ups and have many ideas about new (innovative) products. They are super enthusiastic, strongly convinced, very detailed, full of energy, probably the next Facebook or or Google or Tripadvisor, hopefully disruptive, highly motivated, etc.

So talking with them is really great. It gives you a lot of energy and is also challenging because you are aware about their vulnerability at this stage.

Now that I’ve done a number of meetings with start ups, I’ve come to realize that none of these start ups has a business plan, product development plan and/or financial plan. And this is no exception. Already in The Netherlands I experienced a lack of motivation and sense at entrepreneurs to write a business plan. It was always a struggle to get them thinking and writing about how they want to execute their business.

I realize that good writers aren’t always the best entrepreneurs and vice versa. But the good thing about writing a business plan is that you have to step back to get a holistic look about your product, pricing model, personnel, distribution channel, customers and competitors. Based on this holistic look, you are able to define the best strategy and business model to launch your product. The result is: reducing vulnerability!

Fortunately, there are models for condensed business plans. My favourite is Business Canvas Model from Alex Osterwalder. Author of Business Model Generation. Business Model Generation is a practical, inspiring handbook for anyone striving to improve a business model – or craft a new one.

Other good options are:

  • The One Page Business Plan from Jim Horan. Jim is the author of “The One Page Business Plan” the best selling business planning book on He is also the developer of The One Page Planning and Performance System.
  • The $100 Start Up from Chris Guillebeau. A guideway to show you how to lead a life of adventure, meaning and purpose — and earn a good living.



Give yourself a break, take a blank sheet and start outlining your business model (on 1 page). It will:

  • Make your business stronger
  • Keep you focused
  • Reduce your vulnerability
  • And it’s fun to do: it’s the journey not the destination what counts!


PS some other recommendable books (thanks to

Made to stick 6: why don’t you ask me WHY?

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Why question
Why don’t you ask me WHY?


Every week I’ll post an easy to use and “no budget” tip to improve business. My challenge is to get my message clear in 30 seconds reading time. Please let me know if I succeeded in this!

Nowadays a lot of companies try to acquire new customers by providing free whitepapers, free subscriptions, trial periods and money back guarantees. All these “gifts” followed up by attractive emails to convince me to buy their product or service.

The reason why I almost never respond to these emails is that these companies try to convince me by selling success stories and telling about the fabulous features they have.

This weekend I was thinking about these efforts and I was wondering about the success rate. I guess this rate can never be so high. But I am afraid that I’ll never know the real success rate…
To increase this success rate, I’ll give them an advice: don’t sell but ask!

If these companies would ask me “why don’t you respond?”, it will be very likely that I’ll respond to them. Especially if we can chat about my real problem and if we can find a solution to solve this problem. Then I would buy their product or service!
Is this hard to achieve? No! You only need a good template and an email campaign manager program with proper statistic to track the non-responders.

When do you start asking WHY? I wish you a lot of happy customers!


PS Do you want to know more about the importance of the WHY-question? Take a look at the website “Start with why” from Simon Sinek.

Inspiring Video from Simon Sinek @TED talks: How great leaders inspire action | Talk Video |

PPS And if you want to ask “why” while you are meeting a customer, take a look at the website: (the easiest way to get feedback & social engagement)

Made to stick 5: Refferals, why is it so difficult?

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How to get referrals and recommendations?


Every week I’ll post an easy to use and “no budget” tip to improve business. My challenge is to get my message clear in 30 seconds reading time. Please let me know if I succeeded in this!

I am really wondering why business owners don’t ask to recommend their service or product.

Let’s face the facts:
– According to Forrester 80% of the business is based upon returning customers and recommendations;
– According to Forrester a returning customer spend 5-8x more than a new customer;
– According to Retail Dive* Millenialls like to get feedback from their friends what they take into consideration when shopping next time;
– And according to Retail Dive* Female teenagers still like shopping in a store instead of shopping on the internet.

If you take these 4 facts into consideration, why are business owners so passive?

The facts are clear and it’s unbelievable why business owners don’t ask for recommendations to get referrals!
Instead of discounts and promotions to attract new customers, business owners should invest in their existing customers and try to stimulate them to recommend. 80%… 5-8x more spending… How more attractive should these figures have to be before a business owners gets active?

When do you start asking for recommendations? I wish you many returning customers who like to recommend you!

PS Interested in referrals & social media? Take a look at A Singaporean startup who developed an online referral and social media engagement tool.

PPS More inspiration? Take a look at these video animations:

*Based on survey from

The Fun of reviews, engaging and sharing!

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Singapore Business Review
On March 12th 2014, Singapore Business Review published a list with “Singapore’s 10 most successful 40 and under hotel managers”.

This a real achievement to be listed as most successful in such this industry. Especially in Singapore where the competition is very hard.

To get a better understanding of why these 10 young managers were rewarded, I looked at their profiles and did a brief Google Search.
And then I found the Facebook page of Grand Hyatt Singapore which is very good!

It starts immediately at the beginning of the page. No boring pictures, no empty fields. What you see is sparkling and very attractive photo’s which invites you to read further on:
facebook page grand hyatt singapore


And with success. Take a look what they achieved (25-03-2014):
– 1.377 Reviews
– Average rate is 4.5 starts
– 758 People are talking about this hotel
– 7.742 People like this hotel.
With these figures you can truly say that they are engaging with their customers in a way that customers wants to like, review and comment on the Facebook page of this hotel.
Let’s take a look at the reviews:
Reviews Grand Hyatt Hotel
They are really positive. The best part is that these reviews aren’t only shown on the Facebookpage of Grand Hyatt, but also on the Facebookpage of their customers! That means that 1.377 reviews * 100 Friends = 13.770 friends of their customers have noticed how good this hotel is. Imagine this impact!
Besides reviews and likes, this hotel publishes requests, actions and promotions to be actual and to get referrals.

An example of how they are doing this:

Promotion Grand Hyatt


Most business owners and managers are hesitating to take the profits of a good Facebook page. That’s a pity because:
– Customers want to engage with you if they are satisfied
– Customers are looking for new promotions
– Customers share content (see impact).

– The business owner gets a lot of information about his organisation
– The business owner has an opportunity to launch new ideas
– The business owner has an opportunity to get referrals.
If you like this, start building your Facebook page now or update it. And as Facebook is still free, it won’t cost you money. It cost you time, but that is “no budget marketing” works. And no budget marketing is affordable for everyone!

Tip: if you are running out of time, please take a look at Tabluu. The easiest online feedback and social referral tool you’ll find! Within 7 minutes you are online! For examples take a look at: Tabluu engage.


Good luck with starting reviewing, sharing and engaging!